Music plays a vital role in the life and worship of St. George's Anglican Church, Johannesburg. With the installation of a new Rieger organ in 2012, the music of the church has been greatly uplifted. The church now has an extensive programme of choral music (through its own church choir, and visiting performers) as well as many organ and other instrumental recitals. The primary focus of the music at St.George's is, of course, the worship of God as part of the living tradition of the Anglican Church.

In the documents below, you will find all the information concerning the music of St. George's Anglican Church, and we welcome you to join us in our regular acts of worship, as well as the many non-liturgical musical events the church hosts.

Introduction to the music of St. George's Church

Marnus Greyling - Director of Music




Marnus Greyling
Director of Music & Organist