The church was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and the original structure was erected in 1904.  In 1910 the church was modified to include the bell tower and vestry with final alterations to the structure completed in the nineteen sixties.  


St. George’s is situated in the suburb of Parktown, Johannesburg - a beautiful and historically important church. St George’s celebrated its Centenary in October 2004 after a year in which the congregation undertook many projects in anticipation of its future in a rapidly changing demographic.


St. George’s legacy as a parochial bastion of Johannesburg’s mining and financial capital in the earlier days of the mining town’s emergence onto the global financial map, is now reconfiguring its identity within the milieu of the ‘new’ South Africa. The Church is situated between the more affluent Northern Suburbs and the inner City.  The immediate surroundings have transformed from purely residential to a mix of small business and office park precincts.  To this extent St George’s is now more appropriately a metropolitan than a suburban church.  There remains a relatively small contiguous suburban catchment area. Some affluent suburbs to the north of the church (including Parktown West, Westcliff, Parkview, Forest Town, Saxonwold, Houghton and Parktown North) still provide the main body of the congregation, but there is now an increasing tendency for many Parishioners to come from farther-afield.  To the south of the church the radically changing demographics of Braamfontein, Hillbrow, Berea, Auckland Park and Melville summarise a potential challenge and opportunity to the Parish’s membership.  In this case, the demographic profile of the parish is changing and needs to be reflected in pastorally transformative ways for the existing congregations.  There is currently, however, no policy-decision to recruit members from these areas since the growing non-white congregation seems largely to come from similar educational, professional, and financial backgrounds as those who previously defined the Parish’s profile.  Thus observed, there has been no evidence of a call to change the theological or liturgical character of the Parish.


Educational institutions also form an important part of the Parish’s geography.  They include Wits, the University of Johannesburg, St. John’s College (although it is its own parish), Roedean, The Ridge, and St. Katherine’s.  We are most active at Roedean to whom St George’s functions as a Chaplaincy.