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 St George's Music Videos

Shindler's List Soundtrack

The Lord's Prayer

O Lord, Look down from heaven


A piece from ‘Das Orgelbuechlein’

Letter from the Church Wardens

Your Support is Needed

 Covid-19 Donations

We are now in the midst of the most significant disruption to our normal worship schedule in a lifetime, a disruption that unfortunately does little to alleviate the pressures of fixed costs on the parish coffers. Further, we have been forced to incur certain other costs in the production of online services for our main congregation and youth ministry during this time. Our request to you, therefore, is to please continue your already generous support to the extent your individual budgets allow to support the work of our ministry team, now available both for our congregation and the broader online community as well


Donations Page

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Last Update:  5 July 2020